Activities that are done by RTC:
  • * Developing Curriculum for all levels of Health Workers
  • * Developing training materials
  • * Coordination of Training for the Province
  • * Acreditation of Training and trainers
  • * Training implementation through out the Province
  • * Development of Care Protocols
  • * Monitor the quality of training
Train new sites for accreditation for the antiretroviral treatment
  • * Provide ongoing support for perfomance improvement at the 3 Tertiart bases Mthatha- Mhlontlo, Complex-East London, and Port Elizabeth.
  • * Provide On-going mentoring and training for Local Service area (Mhlontlo LSA) to develop a perfomance improvement model through PDSA cycles.
  • * Ensure proper recordings of clinical data through mentoring and training, collect and analysis of the necessary clinical data.