On-Going Clinical Consultation

Thu, Jul 19, 2012 From April 2011 to December 2011, ECRTC continued to its support and operation of a specialist HIV referral clinic in Mthatha designated for complicated HIV Cases that require specialist care where a number of patient cases so far have been reviewed. Trainees were also encouraged to telephone or email ECRTC clinical team member mentors for consultation on difficult cases. This service has been firmly established. ECRTC staff continued to receive up to 3-4 consultations calls per week from the previously supported sites. 59 doctors were also mentored through the International Monday afternoon tele-conference. Performance Improvement For the period April, 2011 to December, 2011 ECRTC continued the implementation of the Performance Improvement program through the 14 learning networks to improve quality of care base on the new mentoring model (approach). Four ECRTC Performance Improvement mentors make at least four support visits to each of the 14 learning network (nodes) and one monthly improvement meeting. The PI mentors coach sub-district managers to perform regular records and data reviews and improvement meetings implementing PDSA cycles. 8 PI meetings, 7 learning sessions and sub-district based meetings were held covering topics such as, Counseling on feeding options, preparation for HAART and DHIS interpretation reaching 1819 health care workers including program managers in 289 sites. This intervention contributed to systems strengthening and performance improved as noted in facilities testing and evaluating local clients for HIV care, providing chronic ARV treatment for their clients, improved recording and data management.